Lisa Ariotti Fine Art

MONOLITH TRIO is a Limited Edition modern abstract triptych.
On View Now at Nisi B Home.
Each series begins with a Limited Edition piece followed by a collection of prints for custom order.


Ariotti's desire to balance the raw natural power of human inspiration with an ordered approach to modern architecture results not only in a visual aesthetic that is both chaotic and restrained, but a working process that is parts vision and exploration

- Irene Borngraeber

Art Critic for Art Voices Magazine Publisher Terrence Sanders, New Orleans

Lisa’s works consistently emphasize their materiality often seeming almost sculptural. Substantial, tactile, and rich—the circumstances of their making are registered upon them and are an integral part of their character and intrigue. They evolve both as matter, invention and thought… contemplative… resonant and demanding.

- Bruce McGraw

Professor of Painting and Drawing San Francisco Art Institute

...Lisa is fascinated by the discovery of slight variances within a collection of images. Her palette creates sameness within each of her multiple paintings but the work becomes most intriguing through its differences.

- Steve Bollman

Exhibition Coordinator South Florida Art Center Miami Beach